Synchronize with Office365™ directory

This process will enable synchronization of all your accounts between your domain in Office365™ and mxHero. It may take a while to finish.


You'll need a Office365™subscription to syncronize your directory from Office365™. 


  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Accounts" button at top menu.
  3. Click on "Setup directory sync" button.
    save image

  4. Click on "Select directory" Drop down menu.
  5. Select Office365™ Apps.

  6. Click on "Subscribe" button to Subscribe to our Office365™ Marketplace App.

  7. Click on "OK" Button.

  8. Fill the popup form with your credentials to configure your domain for Office365™
  9. Click on "Configure" button. (This process may take a while.)

  10. Now your directory is syncronized from Office365™ Apps.


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