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mail2Cloud Archive & Share is an email storage solution that leverages existing cloud storage services as the storage component.

Advantage of mail2Cloud Archive & Share vs. other Archive Solutions

The advantage of mail2Cloud over existing email archive solutions on the market is that few if any competing email archival products have as powerful file management systems as the existing best of breed file management services like Box, Google Drive, etc. In general you will find mail2Cloud better than other solutions with regards to user interface, integration with mobile and other platforms and features.

Another advantage is the use of file storage that your company may already be using. For example, if you company is using Box you can also use Box as your archival system. This reduces added complexity of managing yet another system.


Initial Setup

This section is not required for Office 365 installations. Office 365 installations are already fully configured for archiving of inbound & outbound email flows.

Before configuring mail2Cloud Archive & Share you need to ensure that mail2Cloud is receiving the email from your domain that you want to archive. There are multiple solutions to this.

Setup options for Archive & Share

DNS Configuration 

One option is to adjust your domain's DNS (MX record and outbound GW) in such a way that mail2Cloud is part of all inbound and outbound flows. See Configuring DNS for mxHero for more information about configuring DNS for mail2Cloud.

Email Copy (no DNS configuration required)

Another option is to ensure that your email service copies all emails to mail2Cloud. If you use this option a copy of all inbound and outbound messages is created by your mail service. Since the message is copied be sure you set the "Drop" option in your Archive & Share rule. This will ensure that mail2Cloud does not consider the email a message in transit and forward the copy to the recipient.

If you use Google Apps this can be achieved by following the directions regarding Mail routing and delivery. See the instructions regarding "Dual Delivery" in both the Receiving and Sending Routing sections.



Step 1: Access app from mxHero dashboard

Access your mxHero dashboard and click on the mail2Cloud Archive app.

Archive App in the Console

Step 2: Create a new Rule

Create a new Archive rule. You can create many archive rules for different users or email flows.

Read more about App Rules here.

Step 3: Label

Define the label for the rule.

Ex. Legal Dept. Archive

Step 4: Define for whom the Rule applies

Using mxHero's To / From feature, set to whom the rule will archive. For example:

Entire company
From: / To: Anyone

Legal Dept.
From: Legal Group / To: Anyone

Outbound Sales
From: Sales Group / To: Anyone else

Step 5: Select your Cloud Storage

Select which cloud storage provider you will use with this Archive. Example: Box, Google Drive, etc.

Step 6: Authorize Cloud Storage (skip for Google Drive)

If you are not using Google Drive, then you might be required to authenticate access to your cloud storage.

If you authenticate a cloud storage account that is an administrative account, you will be able to archive to any account that you manage.


Bob is the Box administrator at his company. If Bob authorizes storage with his Box admin account he will be able to set the Archive to a Jane's Box account here. This will put all archived email into Jane's account. Bob would probably create a special Box account, called "", however, for this purpose.

If Bob does not specify a specific Box account for the rule, mail2Cloud Archive will archive to each individual users' account. For example: email To or From Jane will be archived to Jane's Box account. Essentially this creates a personal level archive.

Of course, the rule will only apply to emails defined in Step 4 above.

Step 6b: Define a specific Storage account

If you do not want email archived to the cloud storage account of the recipient/sender, for example, email To/From Bob stored to Bob's Google Drive account, you need to indicate here what storage account will be used for the rule.


Email for Rule "Legal Team" is set to store to the cloud storage account:


Step 7: Set the storage Folder Structure

The folder in which archived email will be stored is dynamically created based on properties of the email like the sender, date etc. In this way you can organize your archive for easy search and discovery.

For example:

An email subject "Proposal" sent from to could be archived in the following storage folder

stella / / Proposal

Dynamic Storage Folder


You can use the default path or you can create your own using any of the available variables that appear when you select the folder structure field.

Folder Structure Input

Step 8: Select Archive Options

Select how you want email archived.

  • You can copy the original email as an eml
  • You can have attachments saves as separate files
  • You can have your email content (message/body) converted to PDF

See below for more details.

Email Regulatory Compliance

mail2Cloud Archive can be an important part of your company's legal compliance strategy. Whether you are looking to fulfill SEC Rule 204-2 or HIPAA, mail2Cloud Archive can help you meet your email storage requirements with correct configuration of its capabilities.

The following requirements can be met with mail2Cloud Archive:

  1. Arrange and index the records in a way that permits easy location, access, and retrieval of any particular record;
  2. Provide promptly any of the following:
    1. A legible, true, and complete copy of the record in the medium and format in which it is stored;
    2. A legible, true and complete printout of the record; and
    3. Means to access, view, and print the records; and
  3. Separately store, for the time required for preservation of the original record, a duplicate copy of the record;
  4. Maintain and preserve the records, so as to reasonably safeguard them from loss, alteration, or destruction;
  5. Limit access to the records to properly authorized personnel; and
  6. Reasonably ensure that any reproduction of a non-electronic original record on electronic
    storage media is complete, true, and legible when retrieved.

Configuration and Usage of mail2Box for Regulatory Compliance

To meet the above requirements be sure to configure and manage your Archive rules with the following guidelines:

Apply Archive to all emails in which they are required

For example, SEC 204-2, the company is required to Archive emails of Financial Advisors. With mail2Box Archive you can determine exactly who has email copied. Be sure to set the option to copy all inbound and outbound email.

Note: if you use Gmail you will need to make the appropriate DNS alterations to ensure that you can Archive 'inbound' email flows. (see here)

Store to a Specific Cloud Storage Account

In order to meet requirements that your archive has restricted access, you should store all email to specific accounts that have limited access rights.

Storing to a Specific Account

Ensure that the original email is archived

Select the option to store the ".eml" or original email into the Archive. The eml file is the message in its original format. This file can be visualized with any email program, ex. Outlook.

Ensure that your email record can be properly indexed

To ensure that the archive is indexed correctly, select the option to store a PDF version of the email message. The PDF version decodes the raw email message and ensures it can be properly indexed by your storage system (ex. Box or Google Drive).

Minimal Storage options for Compliance

Use best practice of adding the date to the storage folder path

To facilitate manual search of your archive ensure that the email receive date is part of the folder structure.

Suggested Folder Structure for Compliant Archiving

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    I just discovered that since the January 13, 2015, the application mail2cloud Archives, no longer saves the message in PDF format (even if this option is checked). The recording format is only EML.

    A problem for users of google apps that only use the web platform.

    Can you expect that thing?

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    Alex Panagides

    Mario, conversion to PDF should work. I will post a support ticket and if it is not working, we will get it fixed.

    Thank you Mario

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