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Total Track Pro allows users to track email engagement. For Total Track to work the user needs to indicate that Tracking is desired for the email being sent.

This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Using the email client's built in "read receipt" feature
  2. Adding the auto-removed shortcode "#track" to the subject line

Using Read Receipt for Tracking

To use Read Receipt of the email client a Total Track rule should indicate that Read Receipt will trigger Total Track

Admin Panel Setting Tracking when Read Receipt Requested


Once the Total Track rule is configured users can send using "Read Receipt". Normal read receipt function will be replaced with Total Track.


Google Apps users can use read receipt via Google Web client only if it is activated for the domain. To activate read receipt for the domain the Google App administrator should access the Google App Admin panel and follow:

Admin console > Google Apps > Gmail > User settings > scroll to " End User Settings" and in " Email Read Receipts" set either "Allow" option (ex. "Allow email read receipts to be sent to any email address")

Read Receipt in the Gmail Web Interface 




Short Code (Tracking from any device) 

You can activate Total Track from any device by simply adding the special short code "#track" to the subject line of any email. The short code will be removed before delivery to the email's recipients.

Total Track Shortcode in Subject line
always removed before delivery



Total Track tracks:

  • Email opens
  • Url (link) clicks
  • Attachment downloads

Email Opens

Total Tracking of email opening will not work all the time. To track if an email is opened, Total Track relies on an invisible image pixel embedded into the email. If the recipient does not "show images" in the tracked email Total Track will not record that the email is opened.

For recipients who use Gmail, images are always opened. However, the tracking information will not include the location of the recipient.



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    A number of emails I request Read Receipts for show Ashburn, VA for the the location the email was opened. What is the reason behind this? I know some of the people I am emailing are not residing in this location.

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    Alex Panagides


    Thanks for contacting us. Are you using our tracking feature through our Gmail Chrome Extension or Outlook plugin?


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