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Mail2Cloud's Save & Share for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows you to quickly store email and its contents into your cloud storage service. 


Save & Share for Outlook supports Outlook versions:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2003 or better 

Unsupported Clients

There currently is no plugin for Outlook for Mac.

Note, all unsupported email clients like mobile and other non-Windows devices Save & Share will soon support forwarding of email to a unique email address.


Save & Share for:



Saving email in three components

Save & Share for Outlook will copy an email to the configured cloud storage service. The email will be stored in a folder in three distinct ways:

  1. Original email format (eml): An exact copy of the original email will be stored in original format with the file extension .eml.
  2. PDF conversion: The email will be converted into a PDF.
  3. Attachments: All attachments, if any, will be saved as separate files.

Each of the above components will share the same destination cloud storage folder.


Example of Saved Email


You will be prompted to configure upon first usage. You can also open the configuration window by selecting "settings" in the context menu of the ribbon bar S&S icon.


Ribbon bar Menu


In the configuration window:

  1. Select (click) your cloud service;
  2. Set automatic filing options
    This setting will allow S&S to create automatic subfolders when you save your message.The subfolders are based on properties of the email itself. For example, "Subject" will automatically store the email in a subfolder named with the subject of the email being saved.
  3. Checkbox option for "Do not overwrite"
    When selecting "Do not overwrite", if a file is being saved in a folder that already has a file of the same name, automatically add a number increment to the new version. Ex. proposal-1.doc (if there is a file in the same folder named "proposal.doc"). Otherwise, many cloud storage services, like Box, will automatically version the file. Read more here


Configuration Window


Navigating Your Cloud Storage Folders

After selected a message you can activate Save & Share by any of the following:

  • Clicking on the icon in the top Ribbon bar
  • Right mouse clicking and using Save & Share in the context menu
  • Select a message then type Ctrl-J

Once Save & Share is clicked it will open a window with a navigation panel to your cloud storage folders. Choose the folder you would like to save the selected email in. 


You can save specific folders to "Favorites". This will allow quick access to commonly used folders. To do this simply:

  • drag the folder to the folder to the favorites column to the left of the navigation dialog, or
  • right mouse button click above the desired folder and select "Add to Favorites" in the context menu


Example of Favorite as a Short Cut


To remove a folder from favorites you can:

  • select the folder and hit the "delete" key, or
  • right mouse button click above the desired folder and select "Remove"

Removing a folder from favorites does not delete the folder. It only removes it from the "Favorites" category.


Removing a Folder from Favorites via Context Menu

Creating a Folder

You can add a folder to your cloud storage by right mouse button clicking in the folder tree.

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