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mxHero for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows you to quickly store email and its contents into your cloud storage service. 

Dragging emails in to your Storage Service (right side tree) then opening destination folder



mxHero for Outlook supports Outlook versions:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2003 or better 

Unsupported Clients

There currently is no plugin support for Outlook for Mac. Good news is if you are looking for similar functionality that works with mobile, non-Outlook clients or other operating systems contact mxHero.



mxHero Outlook Plugin for:



Saving email in three parts

mxHero for Outlook will copy an email to the configured cloud storage service. The email will be stored in a folder in three distinct ways:

  1. Original email format (eml): An exact copy of the original email will be stored in original format with the file extension .eml.
  2. PDF conversion: The email will be converted into a PDF.
  3. Attachments: All attachments, if any, will be saved as separate files.


Example of Saved Email


You will be prompted to configure upon first usage. You can also open the configuration window by selecting "settings" in the context menu of the ribbon bar S&S icon.


Ribbon bar Menu


In the configuration window:

Step 1: Select Storage Service

Select your storage service (ex. Box, Egnyte) and authenticate your account...



Step 2: Set Automatic filing preference

Optionally, S&S can automatically create folders using properties of the email you are saving. These folders are created as sub-folders in the folder you drag the email to. This feature allows you to better organize your messages in your storage service without having to do so manually.

For example:

An email, with subject "Proposal", is dragged to a storage folder called "correspondence". S&S first creates a sub-folder named "Proposal" and then files the email there.

You can create several levels of sub-folders from many different email properties, such as, sender or message date. Common subfolder arrangements include:

  • sender - Ex:
  • sender / subject - Ex. " / proposal"

Note: You can drag select multiple fields and drag them to the order you want.

Setting Automatic Filing

If you do not want S&S to automatically create sub-folders, simply select the option "None".


Step 3: Advanced Settings

Advanced settings let you determine how emails are saved to your storage.


Do not overwrite existing messages

Check this option if you do not want S&S to overwrite a pre-existing email that has the same file name (ex. subject). Upon a file collision, S&S will add an incremental number to the end of the file name,

ex. "proposal-1.pdf", "proposal-2.pdf", etc.

Read more here


Save attachments

To save an email's attachments as separate files check this option.

Use a sub-folder to store attachments

If you want the attachments saved to a separate subfolder select this option and indicate the name of the subfolder.


Save message as an .eml source file

To save an original copy of the email that can be later opened by an email client and actioned (replied to, forwarded, etc.) select this option.

Save email source as MSG

If you would prefer to save the original copy in the MSG file format, instead of EML, select this option.

Use a sub-folder to store source

If you want original copies of emails saved to a separate subfolder select this option and indicate the name of the subfolder.


Save message as PDF

To save a searchable PDF version of the email body (message), select this option.

Example Email saved as a PDF


Use a sub-folder to store PDF version

If you want PDF conversions of emails saved to a separate subfolder select this option and indicate the name of the subfolder.


Mark email as Shared

If you want to add text to the beginning of emails that have been shared, select this option.

Note: this option works best with MxHero's platform product. The platform will remove this text from emails that are sent.


Step 4: PDF and EML file name formatting

You can use properties of the message to name how the PDF and Original files are stored. Common options are:

  • subject - Ex: "Final Proposal.pdf"
  • Received Date / Sender - Ex: ""
Note: "Received Date" can be sorted alphabetically and result in a chronological listing.

Note: You can drag select multiple fields and drag them to the order you want.


Saving Messages to you Storage Service

mxHero for Outlook gives you two ways of saving messages from Outlook to your storage service:

  1. Embedded storage service folder tree
  2. Popup storage service folder tree

Method 1: Embedded Folder Tree

To save one or more messages to your storage service with the embedded tree, simply select the messages you want to save and drag them to the storage folder you want to save them in.


Re-Positioning the Storage Service Pane in Outlook

You can reposition the S&S folder tree within Outlook. Simply drag the banner of the tree and Outlook will present you with different position options.

Example Folder Tree Positions



Positioning the Folder Tree



Method 2: Navigating Your Cloud Storage Folders Using the Popup Window

After selected a message you can activate mxHero by any of the following:

  • Clicking on the icon in the top Ribbon bar
  • Right mouse clicking and using Save & Share in the context menu
  • Select a message then type Ctrl-J

Once Save & Share is clicked it will open a window with a navigation panel to your cloud storage folders. Choose the folder you would like to save the selected email in. 


You can save specific folders to "Favorites". This will allow quick access to commonly used folders. To do this simply:

  • drag the folder to the folder to the favorites column to the left of the navigation dialog, or
  • right mouse button click above the desired folder and select "Add to Favorites" in the context menu


Example of Favorite as a Short Cut


To remove a folder from favorites you can:

  • select the folder and hit the "delete" key, or
  • right mouse button click above the desired folder and select "Remove"

Removing a folder from favorites does not delete the folder. It only removes it from the "Favorites" category.


Removing a Folder from Favorites via Context Menu

Creating a Folder

You can add a folder to your cloud storage by right mouse button clicking in the folder tree.


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