mxHero's Outlook Extension

mxHero for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows you to quickly store email and its contents into your cloud storage service. 

Emails will be stored in a folder in three distinct ways:

  1. Original email format (.eml): An exact copy of the original email will be stored in original format with the file extension .eml.
  2. PDF conversion: The email will be converted into a PDF.
  3. Attachments: All attachments, if any, will be saved as separate files.


Dragging emails in to your Storage Service (right side tree) then opening destination folder



mxHero for Outlook supports Outlook versions:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2003 or better 


Unsupported Clients

Currently, there is no plugin support for Outlook for Mac. To learn about similar functionality that works with mobile, non-Outlook clients or other operating systems please contact mxHero.


Download mxHero Outlook Plugin for:



After downloading the above file:

  1. if upgrading, remove the previous version first
  2. unzip contents
  3. double click on the .msi file
  4. follow installation instructions


If you are upgrading from a previous mxHero for Outlook installation, please uninstall the previous version first


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