Email Service Configuration Matrix


This article provides information on how to configure your email service to work with Mail2Cloud.

You are encouraged to contact mxHero for free, timely and direct assistance in getting Mail2Cloud properly configured for your particular email system or service.

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Email Server Configuration Matrix

Configuring your email server to work with Mail2Cloud will depend on what email server you use and which Mail2Cloud services you will employ.

installer: fully automated integration process
manual: manual configuration of the email server required
partial: automated integration for outbound emails only. Manual configuration required for inbound emails.
download: client side download and installation by end user required
n/a: no specific configuration of the email server required.

Server Requirements: Mail2Cloud Archive & Collaboration

  Email Archive Email Sync PST Importer User Tools
O365 manual n/a  n/a  download
Exchange  manual  n/a  n/a  download
Google Apps  manual  n/a  n/a  download
Zimbra  manual  n/a  n/a  n/a
Other  manual  n/a  n/a manual 


Server Requirements: Mail2Cloud Fusion

  Fusion Cloud Clips Total Track User Tools
O365 installer installer installer n/a
Exchange  manual  manual manual n/a
Google Apps  partial  partial partial download
Zimbra  manual  manual manual n/a
Other  manual  manual manual n/a


Office 365 and MS Exchange

Office 365 and Exchange 2013

Office 365 and Exchange 2013 or later email services tightly integrate with mxHero. These email services enable mxHero functionality for all emails whether outbound, inbound and intra-bound (sent within the organization), without the need to change MX records or outbound gateways. This is possible through O365 and Exchange routing configurations that make mxHero part of the internal email queue.

Exchange 2010 or older

Older versions of Exchange (2010 or older) do not have the option of internal queue integration and therefore Mail2Cloud can not be applied to internal email traffic. However, Mail2Cloud can be configured to act on emails sent and received from the domain. To configure for emails sent from the domain set Exchange's outbound gateway. To configure for emails entering the domain set the MX record to your mxHero service. Please contact MxHero for more information regarding these configurations.


All Mail2Cloud Fusion services are available through O365 & Exchange rule setup. For O365, mxHero provides an fast installer that can automatically make the necessary changes in minutes. Please contact MxHero for any of these option.

Archive & Collaboration

Mail2Cloud Archive is designed to receive archival email via O365 and Exchange's journalling system. Please contact MxHero for this option.


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